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Best altcoins to invest in

If you are new to the crypto currency you need to be familiar with altcoins if you want to make your way around this market. So what are altcoins or alternative coins? It actually has various definitions but at the basic it is just an alternative for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. But with the market making its mark at the global level there are many altcoins in the industry. The real question stands as to which are the best investments or top altcoins in 2020 and if they are worthy for the investment.

With the introduction of the blockchain technology in the creation of alternative income streams for those involved in the crypto currency market. There are two types of income related to cryptocurrencies. First are the ones who are involved with trading and the others being involved with the ecosystem.

After the success of Bitcoin their alternative coins were introduced to the Crypto currency market. It is true that it has taken a dip in the last few years but it is showing the potential to become profitable in the coming years again. Here are the best altcoins to invent in and watch out for in 2020.

The first in our list is Ethereum or ETH. This is one of the famous and widely known crypto currencies around the world after Bitcoin. It is designed to follow basic principles for development such as simplicity, universality, and non discrimination. It aims to create contacts using a complete programming language so that it can be used to encode arbitrary state transition functions. Even though Ethereum has contributed significantly in the blockchain system it still has certain rooms for improvement. Ethereum does have the potential to rise above its current position.

Next we have INSTAR by Instars. With this platform you have a way of investing without committing any fiat or crypto which makes it a free crypto earning platform. In the last few years it have shown positive performance in terms of results and deserve to have the top is in our list. This platform also is a low risk investment which makes it one of the best platforms to start your crypto currency journey. In terms of expanding its EOS earning options it is expected to improve its standards by 2020. 

Next we have Vechain. This platform provides solutions for the supply chain industry. It is an enterprise focus blockchain which provides business application for various aspects of the industry. Already VeChain has partnered with other brands for groundbreaking supply chain solutions. This platform provides to tokens which can be used and different aspects for different operations. These include VET and VHTO. VeChain has proved to be an integral part of the world economy and can be expected to rise in terms of its value.

Next we have Binance Coin or BNB. This was launched back in 2017 ICC. Now Binance has become as an active crypto trading platform which provides competitive rates in the .crypto currency market. It has received positive reviews around the crypto community. The platform has also proved itself to be a trusted platform. Considering this factors we can see BNB coins as a potential investment options for 2020 investors.

Other than the top names we also have Chainlink, Zilliqa and MXC which can potentially become your altcoin investments for 2020. However you do have to remember that the crypto currency market is a very volatile. It is advised to do proper research before you make any commitment with your Investments.


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